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The Defender Digital Editions

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July 16, 2015


  • Local Newstalk: Deltas convene in Houston July 23-29; National TSU alumni meet in Houston
  • National: Obama calls for criminal justice reform; New NNPA Chair-Black newspapers will ‘flex muscles’; Garner family seeks justice despite settlement
  • Take simple steps to grow your savings
  • Entertainment: Jada Pinkett Smith fights human trafficking
  • Special Health Edition: Eye Care: Focus on good vision; 10 vision facts; Things to know about eye cancer; Eye disorders in children;
  • Texas Children’s Hospital-Hurricane preparedness 101; Dangers of leaving kids in hot cars; Center Fold: Best practices for correcting eyesight; Eye cares do’s & don’ts; About eye care professionals; MD Anderson Cancer Center-Take action now to reduce cancer risks; Memorial Hermann- Addressing mental health in the Houston region; Kelsey-Seybold-Type 2 diabetes skyrockets among kids, teens
  • NBUF members seek empowerment, justice
  • A&M to open engineering academy at HCC; County schools receive afterschool funding
  • Pro & College Sports: Former Oiler gives back through foundation
  • Top Events: Career & Recovery Resources luncheon; Children at Risk luncheon; National Black United Front convention

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